#110 – Amos Wolff – FOLLIES, CHICAGO, GIGI / Equity Therapy Therapist

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Amos Wolff / @amoswolff
When Amos Wolff made his Broadway debut at the young age of 25 in Follies, he assumed that he would be completely fulfilled. Instead, he found that he still wasn’t happy. In this moment, he began to realize there was much more to being a balanced and healthy human being rather than just the career success of landing a Broadway role. This challenged him to start a journey of yoga and therapy, leaning on incredible professionals around him to help him find a true contentment in each season of his life.
Amos then went on to become a family and couples therapist himself and has joined the incredible team at Equity Therapy, a therapy program focused towards the performing arts community based in NYC, where he now works to help others find the balance and fulfillment that he, himself has found through such practice. He shares this journey and so much insight with us on the challenges and joys of taking time to focus on one’s betterment and self.
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