#114 – Stefan Lagoulis – HAMILTON AU

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Stefan Lagoulis / @stefann96

Stefan Lagoulis comes from Down Under and is currently in Hamilton AU, experiencing coming back to the stage after more than a year of the shutdown and shares with us what that journey has looked like as he is rediscovering his strength and ability in the rehearsal room. He encourages other actors to give themself grace and accept that your best today is your best and move forward. It is a process and we have to be willing to embrace that process.

Stefan has had the understanding and experience of putting in the extra work for most of his life. He grew up in regular school but then also attended performing arts school in the evening. He was encouraged by his family to chase his dreams and put in the work to achieve whatever it was that his heart desired. Stefan transitioned from a sports background into the world of dance and performance, and has moved forward in that passion with a focused mindset and determination. This drive has opened many doors, including being in the cast of Aladdin AU.

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