#116 – Tanisha L Spring – PRINCE OF EGYPT WEST END

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Tanisha L. Spring / @tanishalspring

Following her most recent opening night in West End’s Prince of Egypt, Tanisha Spring joins us to share what the journey has been for her finding her way to the West End stage. Some productions she has previously appeared in include Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, Caroline or Change and Hairspray.  

Tanisha took on a new experience throughout the pandemic in producing an online theatre production called A Killer Party and has found her love for the other side of the table throughout that experience. She feels as though some of her other skills such as having a business mind have come in to play in a new way and she tells us how she came into theatre much later in life than many people do. She was an accountant before she started pursuing theatre as a fulltime career choice and is now finding some of that part of her becoming involved as she produces theatre.

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