#132 – Andrew Norlen – When the Lights are Bright Again

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Andrew Norlen / @anorlen

It began as an artist’s desperate desire to express himself inside a worldwide pandemic, but in one year’s time it has grown into a theater industry and country-wide outlet for healing, grief, justice, and hope in the theater community—and beyond!

When The Lights Are Bright Again immortalizes the stories, struggles, and successes of an industry that was first to be shut down and one of the last to return.

Andrew Norlen weaves 200+ letters from Broadway theater veterans, devout theater goers, teenage dreamers aching for their day in the spotlight, long-time ushers, designers, creatives and countless other arts workers in tandem with a brand new breathtaking photo series by Broadway photographer, Matthew Murphy.

Not only has the creation of this book allowed the theater community to grieve and express themselves in a new way, but for every copy purchased, a portion of the profits will directly benefit The Actors Fund. This book will continue to help support arts workers to thrive and receive financial stability for decades to come with every copy sold.

The Covid-19 pandemic revealed what a world without live performance looks and feels like. This book captures a small fraction of the powerful and transcendent internal heartbeat that never went away within the theater community.

When The Lights Are Bright Again is a love letter to the arts community and every theatergoer, but above all else, it is a meditation on the human experience. There is something for every broken, tired, angry and hopeless soul inside this book; hope.

There is light in all of us — there always has been!


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