#161 – Jennifer Khan – SCENERY BAGS

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Jennifer Khan / @scenerybags / @jenwkhan

Jennifer Khan is a former Broadway stage manager that noticed the repeated waste of backdrops and other materials after the closing of a show. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to the creation of Scenery Bags. 

SCENERY gives new life to retired theatrical materials from all over the country. Instead of sending these pieces of theatre history to a landfill, theatres send them to us to upcycle.Each product is handmade in the USA and comes with a tag that tells you the show it is from and the number you have out of the limited collection.The magic of live theatre has shaped our lives in profound ways. To ensure this magic is accessible to future generations, a minimum of 10% of all proceeds from every purchase is donated to with TDF’s Introduction to Theatre Program.Thank you for helping us decrease waste, save art, and foster a new generation of theatergoers.


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