#196 – Joe Rosko – Founder of BFTS

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Joe Rosko / @builtforthestage discusses how the time you establish your worth is not when in a show but while in the waiting. He also goes over blockades that people struggle with that deter them from the ability to give themselves a chance to succeed.

Joe Rosko began his professional career as a trainer and actor at the exact same time in 2007. Since then, it has been his mission to build a bridge between the worlds of fitness and theatre. Rosko believed that actors were truly professional athletes but didn’t feel as though the theatre community was equipped with the proper resources to train like said athletes. This realization led to the creation of Built for the Stage. Over the years, BFTS has had clients represented in over fifty Broadway shows, as well as stages on the West End in London, Australia, and other countries around the world. Rosko prides himself in having the unique abilities to continue a performer’s fitness progress while in the midst of being in or out of a show. All professional athletes train a certain way while in season or out of season, and with actors it’s no different. Actors are athletes, and thus, they should train like one.

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