#6 – Adam Perry – FROZEN

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This episode with @adammperry is overflowing with inspiring comeback stories from his career on and off the Broadway stage. Adam has graced The Great White Way seven times, and has garnered a reputation as one of Broadway’s most assiduous and handsome, dancing ensemble members. However, don’t get his story twisted. Adam shares his story of starting dancing very late in his young-adult life in “middle-of-nowhere,” Tennessee. He talks about overcoming bullying, dreams of being a Dollywood performer, and his time being a brand rep at Abercrombie. Towards the end of the episode, @adammperry talks about how he went from carrying Broadway Playbills, to carrying 50 pound bags of mulch with the thoughts that his career might be over. If you want to get the whole story, tune in to the episode and get to know Adam Perry. 
BROADWAY: Wicked A Chorus Line Promises, Promises Anything Goes Nice Work If You Can Get It Rocky Frozen
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