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Maybe you don’t recall seeing the name “Craig Feldman” on the front of a Playbill, but you can absolutely find his genius and skill spread across each design of Parodybill. As the founder and lead designer of Parodybill, Craig shares with us how he has taken his love of Broadway and infused it with his lifelong graphic design career to create what we know today as the witty and creative designs of Parodybill.

It all started on a flight back home after seeing Mean Girls the Musical in previews and Dear Evan Hansen was bright in the Broadway lights. Craig’s ideas began to swirl and he wondered “”what if these shows became a mashup in design?”” and Parodybill was born. It continues to grow and bring theatre-lovers fun, creative and inspiring designs built around the world that we all love–Broadway!

You can now enjoy hundreds of his designs at @Parodybill on Instagram and shop their merch at shop.parodybill.com.

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