Episode 13: Hamilton

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Buzzed Broadway is BACK with more booze, more bust-ups, and more BROADWAY. To kick off this momentous premiere, Sam and Amanda opted to choose Broadway’s biggest hit: HAMILTON! The two discuss the global phenomenon that would become Lin-Manuel Miranda’ theatrical legacy. Buckle up, because Season 2 is bringing you all of your favorite musicals laced with lots of libations.

From now until November 3, Sam and Amanda are pleased to highlight the work of VOTE411.org, the one-stop shop for all voting and election resources. On the VOTE411 website, just plug in your address and you’ll unlock all the information you need on how to vote in your city. Helpful details like absentee ballot materials, early voting options, ID requirements, and voter qualifications can be found. Visit their website at vote411.org, or on Instagram at @vote411.

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