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“There’s a moment you know… you’re F[CENSORED]D” That’s right! This week on Buzzed Broadway, we’re bringing you the apex of angst: Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater’s Spring Awakening! Sam and Amanda discuss the poetic style of this groundbreaking musical juxtaposed against the hard, edgy rock score. Give a listen to the cast album if you want a leg up on this week’s drinking games!

*Trigger warning: The following episode covers the 2006 musical “Spring Awakening” based on the 1891 play of the same name. As a commentary on the sexually oppressive culture of the late 19th century, Spring Awakening depicts acts of rape, abuse, suicide, and abortion. We in no way intend to make light of these topics and instead wish to highlight the groundbreaking contributions this controversial work has made to society and art.

“Buzzed Broadway” is Broadway’s drunkest podcast. Conceived and hosted by Amanda Harrington and Sam St. Jean, the two attempt to out-drink each other each week while discussing one of Broadway’s best musicals. Amanda and Sam are lifelong best friends so once the liquor gets flowing, the jokes get going! Drink along from the comfort of your own home or laugh at the absurdity on your way to work. Buzzed Broadway is packed with comedy, trivia, showtunes, and of course: booze!

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