Episode 8: Gypsy (ft. Fiona McIntyre & Olivia Valli)

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Buzzed Broadway is pleased to welcome our very first guests: College classmates, best friends, and co-hosts of “What’s Your Backup Plan?” Fiona McIntyre and Olivia Valli! “Curtain up! Light the lights!” because this is a long episode, people… Sam, Amanda, Fiona, and Olivia discuss Arthur Laurents’ musical theatre masterpiece Gypsy. We cover LuPone, Merman, and of course, Olivia’s high school production where she played Mama Rose herself.

On What’s Your Backup Plan, Olivia and Fiona aim to help artists find ways to stay creative, connected and fulfilled through the ups and downs of a career. Each week, they interview actors, musicians, writers, photographers and directors who are creating their own businesses, overcoming obstacles and finding inspiration in the world around them. Available where podcasts are streamed. @backupplanpodcast

For the foreseeable future, Buzzed Broadway will come to our listeners ad-free as we stand in solidarity with the revitalization of the Black Lives Matter movement. This week, we are pleased to highlight the Broadway Advocacy Coalition. Founded by a team of Black Broadway alumni in 2016, the Broadway Advocacy Coalition/ Broadway for Black Lives Matter builds the capacity of advocates, students, artists, organizations, and communities to use the arts as an integral part of their social change work. You can donate to the Broadway Advocacy Coalition at bwayadvocacycoalition.org/donate and visit Broadway For Black Lives Matter at bwayforblm.org Or visit the link in our Instagram bio: @buzzedbroadwaypodcast


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