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Happy Pride, my friends!! Hope you’re celebrating with rainbow flavors of piragua because this week’s guest is Bill Sherman! We’re celebrating In The Heights week with the (Executive Music Producer of the In The Heights film). . In addition to In The Heights (Broadway and film), Bill’s best known for his work on Hamilton, Freestyle Love Supreme, We Are Freestyle Love Supreme, & Juliet, Sesame Street, Questlove Supreme, The Electric Company and Tick, Tick… Boom! 

He’s a composer, producer, arranger and orchestrator, which led to him becoming a Tony, Emmy and Grammy award winner.

Here’s our conversation from July 23rd, 2020, recorded for my live YouTube series: The SHO Must Go On…line! Les Goooooo!

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If you watched the FLS Documentary, you might remember UTK saying, ANDDD BILL!” Which always makes me think … And Bill, And Juliet, And Peggy… there’s something there!

It won’t be long now – In The Heights premieres at Tribeca tonight and hits theaters and HBO Max on June 10th… the same day The Drama Book Shop opens — the former location being where they rehearsed In The Heights! You could say it’s bound to be a #BitOfADay.

Thanks to all the SHOtreons and special shout-out to the SHOstopper and SHOnanigans levels.

Judy Cotner, Naomi Cotner, Lisa Michelle Martin O’Neill, Alyssa Walles, John Benson, Ashley Stasak, Andrea Gilderhus, Theresa Piliero, Julie Larkin, Cindi Howard, Shannon Wheeler and Eva Fink Clausen.

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Thanks as always to Khayle Braxton AKA Gedun for these Awesome Beats, Jelani Remy for the Beautiful Intro Riff, Alex Brightman for the SHO time promo, Chelsey Hill AKA Illustrating Diva, for the cool cover art, all the wonderful guests and all of you for listening!

I hope you’re having a fabulous PRIDE!

Broadway SHOs are announcing their new opening dates. While we’re excited to see everyone get back to work, we must stay vigilant in our calls to make theatre a safe space for everyone involved. We need reports on how companies will be enacting anti-racist, anti-transphobia, anti-abelism and anti-abuse work. We can’t go back, we must move forward. 

Wear a mask, get your vaccine, be safe and let’s take care of ourselves.

We’ll see you at the SHO

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