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Happy Hamilversary! We’re celebrating with this week’s guest: Sasha Hutchings! Sasha is best known for being in the Original Broadway Company of Hamilton, including The Public. Other Broadway and Off-Broadway credits include Motown, Memphis, My Fair Lady, Oklahoma, Rocky and Sweet Charity. 

Beyond Hamilton on Disney +, you can see her on screen in Fosse/ Verdon, SMASH, Run The World, Jessica Jones and more.

Catch Sasha and Nik Walker on the Chaos Twins and check out The HomeGrown Arts Alliance and Epic Theatre Ensemble

Here’s our conversation from May 26th, 2021, recorded for my live YouTube series: The SHO Must Go On…line!

Les go!

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Thanks as always to Khayle Braxton AKA Gedun for these Awesome Beats, Jelani Remy for the Beautiful Intro Riff, Alex Brightman for the SHO time promo, Chelsey Hill AKA Illustrating Diva, for the cool cover art, all the wonderful guests and all of you for listening!

Broadway SHOs are announcing their new opening dates. While we’re excited to see everyone get back to work, we must stay vigilant in our calls to make theatre a safe space for everyone involved. We need reports on how companies will be enacting anti-racist, anti-transphobia, anti-abelism and anti-abuse work. We can’t go back, we must move forward. 

Get your vaccine, wear a mask, be safe and let’s take care of ourselves.

We’ll see you at the SHO!

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