Episode 52: Roses and Daffodils (Follies)

In This Episode

In this episode, Ben and Daniel discuss the results of Roses and Daffodils: The Essential Follies Playlist. For this project, listeners voted weekly for their favorite versions of the Follies female solos, and “Friends of the Pod” appeared with Ben and Daniel on “Next Year, Some Year” to weigh in on the deeper cuts. For the male solos, a panel of Follies aficionados were asked to contribute their expertise in deciding the winners. These “Experts” include Jeff Bowen, Ted Chapin, Adam Feldman, Lonny Price, Scott Wittman, and Tony Yazbeck. While comparing these results with their own personal choices, Ben and Daniel deep dive into each recording and break down tracks by Dorothy Collins, Alexis Smith, Yvonne DeCarlo, Gene Nelson, John McMartin, Barbara Cook, George Hearn, Julia McKenzie, Bernadette Peters, Jan Maxwell, Ethel Shutta, and Elaine Stritch.

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