Episode 2 with Virginia Child: Hearing My Voice for the First Time

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The reason why I created Cause an Effect was to take the shame and stigma off the mental health issues that come along with just being a human in the world. With Buoyancy and Transparency, Virginia and I speak candidly about living with multiple mental illnesses, surviving trauma, and what it takes to be in service with it in your art. You’ll be excited to know Virginias show, “”From Asylum to Asylum”” is now a BOOK!

You can find Virginia Child at www.itsvirginiachild.com & www.teamtlcnyc.org or on Instagram @teamtlcnyc

You can find Sheri at www.rock-the-audition.com or on Instagram @rocktheaudition

To find more info about the podcast via bpn.fm/CauseAnEffect

Produced by Dori Berinstein, Alan Seales, and Brittany Bigelow. Edited by Kyle Moore.


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