S1/Ep 3 with Joy Dewing: An Ally for an Ally

In This Episode

Does anyone remember when Joy Dewing Casting would have me come to their Pop/Rock auditions, and teach everyone in the holding room how to communicate ” “feel “to a piano player (as opposed to tempo), so you could come in and have a better audition? If you do, you’ll know Joy and I have been “Auntie Allies” in the theatre community together since the dawn of time. We’re here to break down what ally-ship is, what it means to the bigger picture, and the many thrilling ways to mobilize our friends in the Black community.

Learn more about Joy at www.joydewingcasting.com and follow her on Twitter @jdcasting

You can find Sheri at www.rock-the-audition.com or on Instagram @rocktheaudition

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Produced by Dori Berinstein, Alan Seales, and Brittany Bigelow. Edited by Kyle Moore.

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