S1/Ep 6 with Musical Theatre Educators’ Alliance (MTEA): Your Teachers

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MTEA is the Musical Theatre Educators’ Alliance. These people are not only my siblings, but they are here to change college culture-because the teachers and facilitators of these MT programs are raising the future of Musical Theatre in the middle of a pandemic. When I interviewed them, It was just as if we were about to go back to school. Thank you for joining me: Stacy Alley from The University of Alabama, our first female PREZZIE, The WILD WILD WONDERFUL healer of the human voice Gwen Walker from Penn State University, and Tim Espinosa from Fullerton College, the head of our brand new Diversity and Inclusion program.

To learn more about MTEA, visit www.musicaltheatreeducators.org and follow them on Instagram @mteducators

You can find Sheri at www.rock-the-audition.com or on Instagram @rocktheaudition

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Produced by Dori Berinstein, Alan Seales, and Brittany Bigelow. Edited by Kyle Moore.

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