S1/Ep 7 with The CARE Coalition: CARE and Care Alike

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I have always been marginalized, but NEVER alone in the margins. When I created a Coalition as a part of the launch of my Second Edition, it immediately asked the question: “What if we all helped each other out of the margins? What if the disability community lifted the LGBTQUIA Community, and what if they held space for the BIPOC community, and we all changed theatre together?”

Please meet the pioneers of Rock The Auditions CARE Coalition. They are the wild student and faculty at Oklahoma City University’s Wanda L. Bass School of Music, who are changing the theatre culture at college with me, so we can change the industry from here.

You can find OCU CARE on INSTA at @OCU_CARE. You can also inquire about bringing CARE into your College or TEEN Program by contacting hello@rock-the-audition.com.

You can find Sheri at www.rock-the-audition.com or on Instagram @rocktheaudition

To find more info about the podcast via bpn.fm/CauseAnEffect

Produced by Dori Berinstein, Alan Seales, and Brittany Bigelow. Edited by Kyle Moore.

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