S2/Ep 2: The AAPI Experience // Transracial Adoptees Part 2

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At [5:30] PM on Tuesday RTA Member Jenna Mee Dosch sat down with therapist Rachel Forbes on Cause an Effect to open up the first of many conversations with AAPI members of the theater community and mental health community. After they completed our interview, we found out about the mass shooting at three massage spas in Atlanta, in which 6 out of 8 who were murdered were Asian women.

Because we wanted to start these conversations with an RTA team members’ experience first, we also wanted to make sure they shared a few words here today before you listen to their episode.

From Rachel and Jenna:

While we are in mourning with the AAPI community, we also want to acknowledge our unique positioning within the community as transracial adoptees. Though we can empathize with experiencing microaggressions, fetishization, model minority stereotyping, and overt xenophobia, we also recognize our close proximity to white privilege and thus our disconnect from living in an Asian community with ancestral experiences of systemic racism. It is also worth noting that the transracial Asian adoptee community has consequently experienced perpetual confusion about belonging – i.e., “I’m neither fully white, nor fully Asian.” We hope that our words are heard and understood within this layered context as we grieve with the AAPI community.

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