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Cause an Effect is a podcast series hosted by Sheri Sanders where she skillfully seasons the ALWAYS hard conversations with laughter, thoughtfulness, and tons of tools for change. Sheri was inspired to create Cause an Effect to share her experience innovating Pop/Rock Musical Theatre performance techniques, with 86 musical theatre programs, over the last 10 years, while navigating a diagnosis of Complex-PTSD. Through interviews with innovators from every facet of the theater industry, live coachings, and pearls of wisdom only Sheri can imbue, Cause an Effect will offer tons of creative inspiration during an unprecedented moment in time.

More about Sheri Sanders:

Sheri Sanders is an actor and the creator of the rock musical revolution, Rock the Audition. She coaches performers and their teachers to master all styles of popular music in order to successfully audition for pop/rock musicals. In addition to the revised second edition of her book, “Rock the Audition” (the first musical theatre acting book with inclusive language) and her audition cuts on Musicnotes.com, Sheri is passionately bridging the gap between popular music, musical theatre, education, and advocacy. This September, Sheri is thrilled to be partnering with Broadway OnDemand to help launch their education platform. Her college coalition, CARE (Creatives for Artistic and Realistic Equity; piloted at Oklahoma City University), is being introduced and incorporated into musical theatre programs nationwide this fall. As a part of her on-going mission, she is committed to continue training artists with disabilities, Trans and Non-Binary artists, and artists who are neurodivergent Pro Bono.


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