BONUS: Lisa Howard Works 9 to 5 and then Escapes to Margaritaville

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In the previous episode you learned about the 30-year journey of 9 to 5, from a movie to a a big ht song to a TV show and eventually a Broadway musical. And in this bonus interview episode, you’ll hear from Lisa Howard, one of the ensemble members in 9 to 5 who played Franklin Hart’s wife and was a part of the show from its early days in Los Angeles until its closing night on Broadway. She gives behind the scenes insights into the rehearsal process and some of the challenges this show faced just getting onstage and actually making it through a performance without stopping.

But wait, there’s more! You’ll also get an extra conversation about another musical Lisa did at the Marquis Theatre: Escape to Margaritaville. Now, this musical went through 4 out-of-town tryouts in 2017 before finally coming to Broadway the following year. But Margaritaville and its Jimmy Buffett score met with mixed reviews and only lasted 3.5 months at the Marquis.

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