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WOOF, there sure are a lot of dogs on this tour! The Come From Away North American Tour family includes quite a few canine companions—four of which come to work every day—and we’re chatting with some of their people. Hosts Christine Toy Johnson (Diane & Others) and Jenny Ashman (Standby), invite Caleb Grissett (Merchandise Manager), Geoff Maus (Stage Manager), and Sarah Wade (Wardrobe Supervisor) to talk about touring with pups. Join us as we discuss all the ways in which Weston, Betty, Ruby, and Larry have changed our lives, our jobs, and our workspaces.

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Hosts: Christine Toy Johnson (@CToyJ on Instagram and Twitter)

Jenny Ashman (@alaskanjz on Instagram and @jennyashman on TikTok)

Guests: Caleb Grissett (@calebgrissettt on Instagram)

Geoff Maus (@doingeoffstuff on Instagram and @managingonthemove on Tiktok)

Sarah Wade (@stay.stitchy on Instagram)

Special Thanks to the Broadway Podcast Network and Junkyard Dog Productions.

Christine Toy Johnson is the host of “The Dramatists Guild presents Talkback,” also found on the Broadway Podcast Network.

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