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Achieving life/work balance is a universal quest – and as we’ve been sharing with you, being on the road presents its own unique challenges. Listen in as Christine chats with three phenomenal women in our company about how they navigate traveling with their young children, doing 8 shows a week, and learning to take things one hour at a time.

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Host: Christine Toy Johnson (@CToyJ on Instagram and Twitter)

Guests: Marika Aubrey (, @marikaaubrey on Instagram)

   Sharone Sayegh (, @sharonesayegh on Instagram and Twitter

   Danielle K Thomas (@dtdramatics on Instagram)


   Marika Aubrey hosts the “Conversations About Foster Care” Podcast,


   Danielle K Thomas is a Soprano member of the Tony Award-winning choir, Broadway Inspirational Voices, and is also Director of BIV’s A&E programs at The Ronald McDonald House NY

Produced by: Christine Toy Johnson

            Geoff Maus (@doingeoffstuff on Instagram and @managingonthemove on TikTok)

            Shawn Pennington


Special Thanks to the Broadway Podcast Network and Junkyard Dog Productions

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