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After a brief hiatus to relaunch our tour, we are back! This season is all about RENEWAL. Where have we been? How are we feeling? What is it like to be out in the world telling our story (and doing our jobs!) again? Listen in as we hit “record” on SEASON TWO of Conversations From Away.

Did you miss Season One where we discussed social justice issues onstage, backstage, and beyond? Listen now on the BPN App or wherever you find your favorite podcasts.

Christine Toy Johnson is the host of “The Dramatists Guild presents Talkback,” also found on the Broadway Podcast Network!

Host: Christine Toy Johnson (@CToyJ on Instagram and Twitter)

Jenny Ashman (@alaskanjz on Instagram and @jennyashman on TikTok)

Shawn Pennington

Aaron Michael Ray (@aaronraystagram on Instagram)

Produced by: Christine Toy Johnson

Geoff Maus (@doingeoffstuff on Instagram)

Shawn Pennington

Special Thanks to the Broadway Podcast Network and Junkyard Dog Productions.

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