We can Vote on our Destination! – Conversation Two

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In the second episode in the “Conversations From Away” series, cast members of the North American touring company of “Come From Away” join virtually to discuss voting rights, the upcoming election, and racially-biased voter suppression. Have you made a plan for voting in the general election on (or before) November 3rd?

This episode’s featured organizations:

Power The Polls (http://www.powerthepolls.org​)

When We All Vote (http://www.whenweallvote.org​)

To read the article referenced in this episode, “The Electoral College’s Racist Origins,” see this link from The Atlantic: https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/arc…

This episode’s moderator: Aaron Michael Ray (he/him)

This episode’s panelists: Julia Knitel (she/her), Harter Clingman, Sarah Wade (she/her), Sean Rubin (he/him)

Edited by: Secret Story Film and Video

Produced by: Dominic Barbaro, Geoff Maus, Shawn Pennington

Special thanks to: On The Rialto, Junkyard Dog Productions


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