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Bat Out of Hell The Musical starts just like it’s title, and doesn’t stop all evening. I have rarely been to a musical that kicks the door down with a wall of sound as big as it does here, and then carries on. Big props to the sound department on the show. And HUGE props to the entire company of Bat Out of Hell for a belting sound you produce. The singing on this show is off the charts. And we look forward to bringing you another podcast soon about how professionals keep themselves fit, both physically and vocally, when doing such a big sing.

But this week, I wanted to bring you a conversation that we haven’t had the privilege of bringing you to date, and that is from a follow spot operator. That technician that sits, not just in the gods, but above the gods, and makes sure that special is turned on so that your star is basking in glorious floodlight. It’s a proper skill and the best follow spot operators are well known within the industry. Guy Aldridge has been at the ENO for 30 years working on hundreds and hundreds of shows. I talked to him about his early career and how he got to the ENO.


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