067 – Sharon Sexton in Bat Out of Hell

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A few months ago, we went over to the ENO London Coliseum to take in the theatre spectacle that is Bat Out of Hell: The Musical. It started in Manchester before moving down to London, and last weekend the entire London company started their run in Toronto at the Mirvish Theatre. Bat Out of Hell is like nothing I have ever seen…or heard. The sound system in that theatre was incredible.

And there were so many people in that production, that, for the first time, I had to have help to make sure that we talked to as many of the company as possible. Theo Bosanquet, who you have heard on this podcast before, and I spoke to scores of people that night, and we hope to have the majority of that content up on our site soon.

This week, I thought I would bring you the full chat I had with Sharon Sexton, who plays Sloane in the show. We talked about everything from being in such a physically demanding show, various states of dress and how a musical theatre actor can keep their voice in tact during a long run of a show that’s such a big sing.


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