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So…we’ve passed 100 days in lockdown here in London, and as restrictions ease down around the country for small and non-essential businesses, as of the time of release of this episode, July 1st 2020, there is no specific news for the theatre industry and live entertainment industries as a whole.

We know the pressure and uncertainty that puts on freelancers who work in the industry – and we will be bringing you a special episode with a panel in the very near future. But what about the buildings themselves? We have seen news reports high profile buildings going into administration including the Theatre Royal Plymouth and Nuffield Southampton Theatres.

I had the opportunity to have an online chat with Jon David Morgan of the Theatres Trust to explain what they are doing to both raise awareness for the issue, but also how they’re actively reopening theatres that have long since been closed.

THEATRES TRUST WEBSITE: http://www.theatrestrust.org.uk/



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