164 – Kray Kray! Code of Silence, with actor Ronan Summers and Director Ben Mole

In This Episode

Director Ben Mole has put together an incredible ensemble cast for his latest project, “Code of Silence” – a feature film surrounding the events that led to the arrest and incarceration of the legendary London gangland bosses, the Kray Twins,

Imagine my shock at hearing good friend, the American actor Ronan Summers, was the next to follow in some pretty big footsteps in taking on the role of BOTH…yes, BOTH, of the Kray Twins in the film.

Appearing in this episode

Ronan Summers, Actor.

Ben Mole, Director

John Schwab, Host.

Krays: Code of Silence is on DVD and digital from 27th December (101 Films) 

(Digital includes. iTunes, Amazon, Sky Store and Virgin)

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