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We thought we’d bring you a little bit of cheer in the form of our annual Christmas podcast.

This year we turn our ears towards the creator of the world of The Wizard of Oz which, of course, begat the megahit musical “Wicked”.  In this slightly different Christmas tale by L Frank Baum, Santa encounters an unfortunate series of events that may or may not prevent him from delivering his presents.

Baum’s short story “A Kidnapped Santa” has it all.  Santa. Elves. Pixies. Knooks and Rils (don’t worry…if you don’t know, you will get to know) and Daemons….not just one of them.

And to bring us this fantastical and fantastic story is none other than The Walking Dead and Wonder Woman actress Eleanor Matsuura.  So pour yourself a mug of eggnog, hot apple cider, mulled wine or just a simple good old cup of tea and let Eleanor whisk you away to the Laughing Valley.



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