Ghost Shows: Episode 1 – 16 March, 2020

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A year on from theatres closing their doors, ‘Ghost Shows’ asks what happened to the shows that were created, rehearsed and tech’ed but never lived in front of audiences?

Presented by freelance opera director, Adele Thomas, the series features interviews with freelance performers, stage technicians, creatives and production staff from a variety of productions across the UK.

From ‘the announcement’, through the confusion of government updates, in and out of lockdown, ‘Ghost Shows’ explores the unheard voices and impact of the pandemic on the day to day jobs and livelihoods of the freelance workforce.

Cast (in order of appearance):

Sunita Hinduja – Company Stage Manager

Adele Thomas – Director (Narrator)

Maria Aberg – Director

Lauren Grace – Actor

Rona Munro – Writer

Jessica Hung Han Yun – Lighting Designer

Ruby May Martinwood – Actor

Atri Banerjee – Director

Emma Baggott – Director

Gemma Smith – Company Stage Manager

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