Ghost Shows: Episode 3 – Hope

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In the attempt to resurrect live theatre while navigating constantly shifting terrain, how far can hope get you? How do you make theatre when the world keeps changing, when time keeps collapsing, when the earth beneath your feet keeps sinking into bog? And how do you communicate with a government who seems to be operating on a different frequency somewhere in a separate universe?

In order of appearance:

Kwame Kwei-Armah (Director)

Adele Thomas (Director, Presenter)

Sunita Hinduja (Stage Manager)

Jessica Hung Han Yun (Lighting Designer)

Roy Williams (Writer)

Clint Dyer (Director)

Produced by Curtain Call

Presented by Adele Thomas

Written by Adele Thomas and Freddie Crossley

Sound engineered by John Schwab

Music by Freddie Crossley

Support for this episode and original concept for the Freelancers Make podcast from Sally Beck Wippman

Special thanks for this episode goes out to Athena Stevens and Alistair Cope

Transcription by Kelsie Acton.

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