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Welcome to No Pressure – a podcast for creatives, theatre makers, artists, and ambitious souls with host, Matt Humphrey, photographer and founder of CurtainCall,

In this episode I am so honoured to be talking to producer REBECCA WOOLCOCK – Lead Producer with Hartshorn Hook and Immersive Everywhere.

This podcast is all about creators and theatre makers like Rebecca – the people that make things happen, who are up against it every day, and yet you’d never know it.

This is perhaps especially true right now – in the midst of lockdown that has been shaking our industry from the very core. As theatres, production companies and venues across the country face tremendous uncertainty and potential closure – we find ourselves at a pivotal moment.

This podcast was recorded at the tail end of 2019 – BC – Before Covid – and a lot has happened since then. You may be pleased to hear that there is a good news story here, as Rebecca’s company Immersive Everywhere have recently announced that they will be opening a Covid-secure immersive production of Great Gatsby in London in October.

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