Take Your Bow, Amelia Sierevogel

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On today’s episode is Costume Designer Amelia Sierevogel..

This week we are going to bring you the creatives behind the Curtain Call virtual play reading series “The Remote Read”.

This Saturday, we are producing a remote reading of Sir Tom Stoppard’s Play “A Separate Peace” Starring David Morriessey, Jenna Coleman, Denise Gough, Ed Stoppard and Maggie Service.  The reading will benefit the Felix Project and those professionals who have found themselves out of work during the Covid 19 Epidemic.

Amelia joined the team last week and has been working with Director Sam Yates to come up with a look and feel for a virtual production, something that neither of them have done before.

For more information, visit www.theremoteread.com


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