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Tsilala Brock is letting life thrill her, though she originally had trouble with coming to terms with her multi-hyphenate identity. Her journey was calling upon skills and proficiencies that she didn’t necessarily study in college. Why do we feel guilt when moving away from our past? Yet Tsilala would experience her multi-hyphenate mindset and would help her on the national tour of Book of Mormon, as she was both a dance captain and swing. But how would her experience with Book of Mormon help Tsilala become a fully flushed out and inspired multi-hyphenate? In this episode, we discuss the importance of discipline, rest, and listening to our bodies. Tsilala has become a consummate multi-hyphenate and lives by the guideline of “the life that you want is on the other side of discipline.” While Tsilala is producing a podcast, and writing JuneBug the Musical – she often has to pay attention to health, exhaustion, and mental capacity. Thankfully, she has found small ways we all can implement rest into our daily practices – even if they don’t seem like restful actions.

What do you do for yourself? How do you implement rest into your life? Just as much as it’s important to be active in your artform, it’s just as important to rest – especially in these overstimulation times. Tune in to this extremely powerful and inspirational episode that will get you invigorated to implement rest into your daily practice.

Tsilala recently completed a two year position as Assistant Dance Captain/Swing with The Book of Mormon 2nd National Tour. Currently she’s producing and co hosting a new podcast called ‘UNCK! Getting comfortable with uncomfortable conversations’ which was recently awarded a grant from the Adobe Community Residency Fund.

Other theater credits include: Parable of the Sower (The Public Theater/ NYU Abu Dhabi/ Singapore International Festival of the Arts), Satchel Paige and the Kansas City Swing (Cincinnati Playhouse/STLRep), The Color Purple (Troika Bermuda), and Twelfth Night (Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse). TV/Film credits: Mysteries of Laura, Happyish, Broad City, Canaries (indie film – Boston Sci Fest) and Bushwick Beats (indie film).

Visit www.Tsilala.com

Her podcast UNCK! hosts uncomfortable conversations using the UNCK! House: a tool for navigating conversations. The tool is showcased in our IG LIVES in collaboration with Ashley Kate Adam’s and BYOP and Lake Arbor’s Teen Summit. Follow us for more information at www.unck.org

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