#60 – Sarah Hamaty: Everything and Nothing

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“Art and business… we’ve tried to blend it but it’s very difficult because art lacks boundaries sometimes.” – Sarah Hamaty

Buckle your seatbelts because Sarah Hamaty is a rollercoaster of emotion, insight, and spirit. She revitalizes any room she walks into and invites a heady, complicated conversation about life! To be a multi-hyphenate during a pandemic and a reshaping of the industry is everything and nothing. It begs the question, “is anyone okay?”

In this funny and vibrant episode, we talk about everything and nothing – weaponizing the multi-hyphenate, deconstructing the way the industry has conditioned us, professional redos, beginning things for the first time, and the enjoyment of failure.

“I enjoy failing,” says Hamaty. “Maybe this goes back to the Libra everything and nothing. It doesn’t mean anything AND it means something. It tells you what you’re good at, what you’re not good at obviously – it tells you how to be better or what you can change. But being a multi-hyphenate – just the act of trying new things makes you better at trying new things.”

Sarah is also one of my make-up artists in my photoshoot studio and I often defer to her to support or challenge the choices I make in a photo – is it the right outfit? Is it the right lighting? Is it the right background color? Sarah ties it into psychology and the joy of getting to know people.

“Expressing myself externally was so important,” Hamaty continues. “My mom was like you’re really good at this – let’s now apply practice and expertise. And so I just did that – and what I love about it is the same reason I love acting, the same reason I love singing, the same reason I love connecting with people, the same reason I love psychology, and the same reason I love spirituality. It is all the same to me and it is all getting to know someone, sharing, receiving, and growing. All of those things – make up is just the tool along the way.” 

Why is hair and make up extremely important and specific to the headshot session? This episode is chock full of information on how to prepare for a headshot session, especially when it comes to styling choices like hair, make up, and clothing. If you’re prepping for a headshot session – this episode has all the information for you!

“I always find myself using visual metaphors,” continues Hamaty. “And it makes me think about cooking. The ingredients have to be fresh and then of course you have a chef, and you won’t catch a chef without a sous chef.” 

Sarah Hamaty is a born and bred Jersey girl who made her way to NYC to get a BFA in theater and pursue her Acting career. A proud multi-hyphenate, Sarah has been an MUA since the age of 15. Artistic expression with makeup has always been a way she has loved connecting with people, while building confidence and joy. She looks forward to seeing you in the studio!

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