#89 – Renrick Palmer: Way Your Way to Success

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“It’s the people who hang in there the longest who get to reap the benefits.”

Sometimes multi-hyphenating in the theatre includes hyphens we didn’t know could affect each other. This amazing episode includes insight from actor – Veteran – writer Renrick Palmer. In this episode, we also discuss…

Accepting love

Establishing relationships and a network

Where to start in the industry

Hanging around long enough

Relationships with educators

Knowing about yourself but being on a journey

How being in the military has affected his journey in showbusiness

Renrick Palmer was born in Kingston, Jamaica. After turning thirteen, his family decided it was time for a change and headed north to New York City where Renrick would eventually finish school. Despite being drawn to the arts, Renrick felt another calling. He soon found himself swearing in as an airman in the United States Air Force. His time in uniform took him around the world, including a tour of duty in the Middle East in support of Operation Inherent Resolve, exposing him to numerous cultures and experiences most of us seldom have. Not only did this help Renrick develop as a person, it provided him with the foundation for all that soon followed.

After leaving service, Renrick enrolled in Long Island University. He obtained a degree in Exercise Science and used it to launch his career. Renrick also graduated from the New York Film Academy and is active with the Public Theater (Military Resilience Foundation). His passion traces back to Shakespeare, fueling his drive to perform.

Renrick has numerous accolades and accomplishments to his name, not the least of which being honored to play baseball great Jackie Robinson on the History Channel. He is best known for playing the part of Nelson Green in the off-Broadway Critic’s Pick Play Wedding Band. Never one to rest on his past achievements, Renrick won the Best Actor award at the Ignite Film Festival in 2022 for his portrayal of Hassim in the short film Hold Up.

His book War Your Way to Success is currently available here.

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