#10 – Kerry Butler, A Triple Threat

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Kerry Butler is a theatrical powerhouse. A triple threat – Actor. Singer. Podcaster! A comic genius, Kerry has created many iconic roles including: Penny Pinkleton in “Hairspray”, Clio/Kira in Xanadu, Brenda in “Catch Me If You Can”, Marianne in “Disaster!”, Betsy Horan/Mrs. Norby/Mrs. George in “Mean Girls” and most recently Barbara in “Beetlejuice”. Kerry also starred in “Little Shop”, “Rock of Ages”, “Beauty and the Beast” and Blood Brothers. And now, Kerry is taking the Podcasting world by storm with BREAKING BROADWAY, an invaluable podcast offering a roadmap to making it on Broadway. Join us on DEEP DIVE BROADWAY as Kerry takes us through her extraordinary career (which began when she was 3-years-old!!) and shares extraordinary insider, behind-the-curtain stories.

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