S2 EP16 The Eclectic – Interview with Entrepreneur Jice Johnson

In This Episode

Jice Johnson is the Founder and CVO of the Black Business Initiative and Principle in the New Community Transformation Fund – Denver. Jice is a U.S Army Veteran, a mother of three, and an astute businesswoman based in Denver, Colorado. We discuss Black Financial Power and investment. Jice has dedicated her life to building a strong economic base in the Black Community. Playing a vital role as an advocate, she empowers Black entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals with the information and tools needed to have an intergenerational stake in economic equity and liberation. How do we build generational wealth?

The Eclectic is a companion podcast to Destination Freedom Black Radio Days that features interviews with difference makers, artists, authors, bold thinkers, and people we love who get stuff done. Produced and hosted by donnie l. betts of No Credits Productions, LLC.

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