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This episode features Joshua and Kira Turchin. Joshua has been called a musical-theater wunderkind; at only 13, he is a singer, actor, dancer, writer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and podcast host. Kira, as his mom, has supported all his endeavors, from his early performing experience in Camp Broadway to professional auditions, encouraging him to “just have fun” and not let rejection get him down. Having become a performer after honing his precocious musical skills—before he could reach the piano keys, he would embellish his dad’s playing by copying his rhythms—Josh stresses the importance of being a “multi-hyphenate,” and developing as many different skills as possible: “You never know what they’ll want and you never know what you want, so you just do what you want, so you just do what you love,” he says. “I do think a bunch of kids from my generation are taking this to heart.” Kira also notes how Joshua has matured as a result of his experiences: “We used to say that everything you need to know to be successful in life, you’re learning through theater, and I truly believe that.”

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