#5 – Lisa Michell, Director of Education for Disney Theatrical Group

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Camp Broadway presents Develop Your Character hosted by Elysa Gardner who talks with theatre insiders about ideas to help culture-loving kids and aspiring artists become great performers at every stage of their lives.

This episode features Lisa Mitchell, Director of Education for Disney Theatrical Group, where she oversees Disney Musicals in Schools, a national program committed to developing sustainable theatre programs in schools that don’t have one. The program is currently in 400 schools across 26 cities and positively impacts over 43,000 students annually.

Lisa discovered theatre as a student whose academics were significantly improved through engaging in school productions. Today she is one of Broadway’s thought leaders advancing the field of educational theatre. Lisa discusses the important role that teaching artists play in classrooms and offers practical advice for educators who want to provide theatre arts instruction to their students. She believes that the most important resource is “human creativity” and encourages kids who are interested in the arts to “try everything.” By engaging in the theatre in school or after school, kids will see that there are so many aspects to the field and many personal benefits they will receive whether or not they aspire to a career in the sector.

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