#22- Jodi Benson (Part 2)

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In Part Two of this episode with Disney Legend & Tony Award-nominee Jodi Benson, David and Jodi play Fast Pass Answers and other fun E-Ticket games, and Jodi answers questions from her incredible fans. Listen as Jodi shares some of her favorite moments from The Little Mermaid, from her favorite lines and scenes; as well as her memories of working with Howard Ashman and what he taught her. On this episode, Jodi expertly plays “What’s That Word Again? Disney Edition;” and discusses her deep love for churros (and chocolate sauce), Pirates of the Caribbean, and taking pictures in front of Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World. Will she choose Prince Eric or Ken in “Whozits or Whatzits?” Listen to find out on this episode of E-Ticket to Broadway!

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