#57 – Alli Mauzey

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To say Broadway’s Alli Mauzey (Kimberly Akimbo, Wicked, Cry-Baby, Hello Dolly) is a fan of Disneyland is a great understatement, and on this episode of “E-Ticket to Broadway,” she and David discuss their mutual love of the OG Theme Park. Alli’s family lived on the future site of Disneyland and shares incredible stories of her family meeting Walt Disney himself, and how her mother watched Disneyland being built. Disneyland was such a huge part of Alli’s childhood–from meeting her friends after school at Snow White’s Grotto and swing dancing at Carnation Plaza, to watching her sister perform in ‘Fantasmic,’ to tasting caviar for the very first time…at Club 33. A true Disney fan, Alli credits signing along to Jodi Benson on “The Little Mermaid” soundtrack with helping her find her voice, and still feels strongly connected to her family when she visits the Park. Besides her dream of singing “Part of Your World” at Disneyland, Alli shares her love of Peter Pan’s Flight, “Frozen 2,” & “Bambi,” and how she must always get a giant pickle on Main Street USA (and sometimes a clam chowder bread bowl). She and David discuss the magic of the Disney Theme Parks, and also the final moment in “Kimberly Akimbo” which is such a testament to the power of the Disney Parks. Before they play “Screw Loose for Disney,” Alli discusses who she would most like to go to Disneyland with: Glinda from “Wicked,” Lenora from “Cry-Baby,” or Pattie from “Kimberly Akimbo.” Which part of the staging of “Kimberly Akimbo” reminds Alli of “Pirates of the Carribean?” Listen to find out!

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