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Embracing Her Indianness

“It was a huge transition going from hating myself and hating my Indianness and finding out that in the process of white-washing myself, I was erasing my parents’ existence in my life.” – Kuhoo Verma

From graduating NYU, to booking a movie, to starring Off-Broadway and working on multiple Broadway-bound workshops, Kuhoo Verma is a force to be reckoned with. There is an energy about her that is pure and open, and the perfect embodiment of light.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why Kuhoo never really talked about her family growing up ([4:06])
  • Kuhoo’s relationship with colorism within her community ([7:53])
  • What the name ‘Kuhoo’ means ([9:52])
  • Kuhoo’s relationship with ‘diverse casting’ ([11:49])
  • How an education at NYU shaped Kuhoo ([18:32])
  • If anyone mentored Kuhoo in her first professional theatre experience ([26:05])
  • Kuhoo’s experience working with Dave Malloy and Annie Tippe on Signature Theatre’s Octet ([33:08])
  • How Kuhoo handles playing Indian characters ([41:20])
  • And so much more…


Some Questions We Discuss:

  • Was it kind of permission or racial awakening to start discussing her own relationship with race? ([4:50])
  • Was performing always in the plan? ([15:59])
  • How was the experience doing Monsoon Wedding at Berkeley Rep? ([22:23])
  • How was time on set of The Big Sick? ([28:51])
  • What advice would you give yourself? ([44:36])


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