2: Desdemona Chiang // Mortality and Your Mother

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Subverting Eurocentric Theatre

“Am I entering a field that doesn’t have me in its legacy?” – Desdemona Chiang

Being an only-child shaped the lives of both Cheeyang and Desdemona. They connected over their shared over-achieving nature, big identity questions as theater artists, and their different views on mortality.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Desdemona grew up as an immigrant from Taiwan ([2:17])
  • Why Desdemona became a Biology major ([7:44])
  • What happened when Desdemona dissected cadavers ([14:52])
  • How Desdemona tackled post-graduation depression ([18:16])
  • When Desdemona came out as a Theatre Artist ([21:17])
  • If being Chinese shaped Desdemona’s life ([26:30])
  • How Desdemona feels about doing art ([35:01])
  • Why Desdemona is afraid of dying ([42:00])
  • And so much more…


Some Questions We Discuss:

  • Did being an only child contribute to overachieving? ([05:11])
  • Was Biology undoing what theatre was doing and vice versa? ([16:17])
  • What do you do when your template for life is ripped away? ([18:45])
  • What are the qualities of a good director? ([28:47])
  • Why do people tell stories? ([35:50])


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