3: David Park // The Dichotomy of being Korean-American

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Am I American Enough?

“When I’m speaking to my mom, I literally don’t have the vocabulary to express the depth of my emotion to her.” – David Park

Having not been back to Korea in over 17 years, David has always identified as American. But when faced with the world telling him that he’s a “flavored American” as he would say, how does that affect his outlook on life and his journey in theatre?


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How David grew up in LA ([2:41])
  • David’s passion for The Farewell ([5:16])
  • David’s really surprising family tree ([12:18])
  • Why David started musical theatre late ([20:11])
  • Why David thinks that Asians are basically Switzerland ([30:24])
  • What career David can model his after ([37:19])
  • And so much more…


Some Questions We Discuss:

  • How would it be like, living in Korea? ([10:36])
  • When was the realization that being American had so many subsidiaries? ([17:07])
  • What was the real lesson since closing Off-Broadway? ([24:37])
  • What can people stand to hear from an Asian American actor living in New York? ([31:48])


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