4: Cynthia Meng // From Moulin Rouge to Hadestown

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Grappling with Otherness

“Don’t ever forget, you will be thought of as an other.” – Cynthia Meng

Within a year of freelancing, Cynthia has worked in rooms for musicals in-development on Broadway, Off-Broadway and out-of-town tryouts. What is her secret? Does it only have to do with luck, like she puts it? Or is it more? I believe there’s certainly more to that and we investigate that in the episode.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What Cynthia thought of playing classical piano ([3:05])
  • What Cynthia studied at Harvard ([13:45])
  • How Cynthia got to work on Hadestown ([21:19])
  • The difference between Broadway and Off-Broadway for Cynthia’s jobscope ([29:12])
  • How has Cynthia conquered being Asian and Female in this industry ([34:03])
  • And so much more…


Some Questions We Discuss:

  • What was classical piano competitions like? ([3:52])
  • Was musical theater part of family tradition? ([8:41])
  • Did she actively run away from what her parents associated with? ([12:40])
  • What was it like to work on a Tony Award winning musical? ([23:37])
  • Does seeing yourself represented on stage makes a difference in your career choices? ([37:30])


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