Ep1 – A Broad’s Way: it’s time to broaden the way

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Welcome to A Broad’s Way, where we believe it’s time to broaden the way the theater industry storytells by championing for diverse representation. In this reintroduction episode, Brittany shares the exciting new direction of A Broad’s Way since joining the amazing Broadway Podcast Network. ABW is empowered and freaking pumped to focus in on the female voices of our industry. Most of the feedback for this has been overwhelmingly encouraging and inspiring, but there have been moments that have been unexpectedly uncomfortable. Brittany openly discusses what this pushback looked like and the way it served as reinforcement of our mission and purpose. A Broad’s Way is dedicated to celebrating the broads that make up every side of the entertainment industry. From performers, to creators, to musicians, and stage hands, we are sharing their stories, their unique voices, and actively advocating for more diversity and inclusion in the stories we tell, who tells them, and how we tell them. Welcome to the new, powerfully dynamic, and totally lady empowered, A Broad’s Way. 

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