Act Two

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All three of the invited guests are drawn to and unsuccessfully attempt to win the affections of Mr. Dellamort (James Monroe Iglehart). They are falling in love with him – everyone does. Mina (Jackie Hoffman) simply craves a little company, while Rhonda (Lena Hall) teases Mr. Dellamort with her bad side. And Barry (Telly Leung) simply wants Mr. Dellamort. But then there is Sue (Courtney Reed) who seems immune to his spell. Her unexpected arrival and disruptive manner have upset the fastidious Mr. Dellamort and his well-worn routine including “second night Bingo”. Sue usurps him by convincing the other guests to play charades which upsets his meticulous ritualistic plans. Mr. Dellamort is furious. Sue not only showed up without an invitation, but now she has systematically set out to undermine Mr. Dellamort’s authority and flaunted his rules in front of the other guests. 

Mr. Dellamort is rapidly losing control and his world is at risk of falling apart around him as he finds himself inexplicably drawn to – and falling in love with – Sue!

Don’t miss the final installment, Act Three, available August 13th, 2021.

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Book and Co-Lyrics by Jack Feldstein

Music and Co-Lyrics by Paul Doust

Radio Play Adaptation by Jack Feldstein



James Monroe Iglehart as Mr. Dellamort

Courtney Reed as Sue Grimshaw


Lena Hall as Rhonda Lipson

Jackie Hoffman as Mina Thompson

Telly Leung as Barry Scott

And Narrated by Gavin Lee


Casting by Eisenberg/Beans Casting

Sound Design by Cricket S. Myers

Music Supervision & Orchestrations by Lena Gabrielle

Directed by Ella Jane New


Produced by Tony Castrigno & Mark Rubinsky. 

Co-Produced by Vibecke Dahle and Maggie & Adrian Selby. 

Executive Produced by Visceral Entertainment.


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