Falling in Love with Mr. Dellamort: Act One

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Welcome to Act One of Falling in Love with Mr. Dellamort, a mysterious new audio musical presented in three acts.

We find ourselves at Maison Dellamort, a very particular guesthouse overlooking a bluff with a view of the endless ocean. Fastidiously kept yet having seen better days, it’s no ordinary beachside inn. Its proprietor, Mr. Dellamort (James Monroe Iglehart), is a very unusual host, with a unique way of entertaining his guests. This New Year’s Eve, three guests have come separately but mysteriously arrive at the same time. There’s Barry (Telly Leung), a gym junkie who heats up the dance floor; Mina (Jackie Hoffman), sixty-ish and unsuccessfully trying to hide it; and Rhonda (Lena Hall), a rough girl with a drug problem. But then there is Sue (Courtney Reed) – a perky young woman who arrives unexpectedly, with NO invitation.  

Who is Sue really – and why is she here? And why are Mr. Dellamort’s three guests here by very special invite? Listen – and you will find out.

And don’t miss Act Two, available August 6th, 2021, and Act Three, available August 13th, 2021.

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The Falling in Love With Mr. Dellamort Original Cast Recording is available now wherever digital music is sold, and at BroadwayRecords.com/Dellamort


Book and Co-Lyrics by Jack Feldstein

Music and Co-Lyrics by Paul Doust

Radio Play Adaptation by Jack Feldstein


James Monroe Iglehart as Mr. Dellamort

Courtney Reed as Sue Grimshaw


Lena Hall as Rhonda Lipson

Jackie Hoffman as Mina Thompson

Telly Leung as Barry Scott

And Narrated by Gavin Lee


Casting by Eisenberg/Beans Casting

Sound Design by Cricket S. Myers

Music Supervision & Orchestrations by Lena Gabrielle

Directed by Ella Jane New


Produced by Tony Castrigno & Mark Rubinsky. 

Co-Produced by Vibecke Dahle and Maggie & Adrian Selby. 

Executive Produced by Visceral Entertainment.


For full production credits, visit bpn.fm/dellamort.

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